Thursday, January 29, 2015

Death Will Never Be The Cure

"Starving a disabled child to death can now be called comfort care. Medically prescribed overdose can be called hospice. Heartbreaking suicide can be labeled death with dignity. There used to be a time when those who were weak, sick, and without hope were given help not offered death."

This is an excellent article about the truth about today's medical mentality towards special needs babies. It is so hard to believe that these things really happen today, everyday, in America, in 2015. It wasn't until I got to the quote above that my mind went right back to that place in time...watching our daughter lose weight and grow weak because she was forbidden to be fed, asking us over and over again to "just walk away" like it was such an obvious "solution to the problem." And then the memory of the amount of morphine hospice gave us to give to her at any time to "put her out of misery"....really? a newborn should be given an adult dose of morphine? No thank you. If this is the state and mentality of our medical system then I'll gladly continue to tip my hat and proceed in the other direction.!The-ULTIMATE-Medical-Cure-Is-NowDEATH/c1a1n/E8596AA6-7D95-4ED6-B29A-DBEFA773310C

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