Wednesday, November 25, 2015

4 Years

Today marks 4 years since Ella left this world. People often ask what the month of November looks like and feels like for us now, I thought I would share...

Every November 2nd, on her birthday, we go through "Ella's box." Inside her little box we keep a few pieces of her clothes, some hats, pictures, notes I took before our meeting with Crouse, her stack of "Welcome Baby" cards and a few personal sympathy cards. I also keep the yearly birthday cards sent by my friend Christel whom I started our REAL LOVE sewing group with. The fact that we add to her box every year makes me very  happy. This year we ate some pie while the girls shared what they remembered after touching her items for the first and last times this year. The memories we keep of her are fond and full of joy.

We recently updated the pictures on our walls and I let the girls each pick out a picture of Ella to frame. We keep a little area dedicated to her.

It's hard to believe Ella would have been 4 and that she has a little sister and brother now, we will always think of her as our baby. Drew and I saw a lot of her in Jorian when he was a newborn, especially around his eyes. Alida can identify her in pictures and talks about her like she's just one of the gals, and it won't be long before our niece Ellie learns about her. Keeping her memory alive has been easy, we continue to learn more about ourselves and the Lord as we cling to what is pure and holy. Without Him we would not be here, let our testimony be for His glory.

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