Friday, August 9, 2013

Phone call from Crouse....getting the ball rolling

Today I received a phone call from Crouse. Words cannot express how sincere the woman on the other end of the line was. I tried to write down some of what she was saying, hitting the main points. Nancy started by telling me that my letter had been taken very seriously by their staff and it "resonated with the senior resident team." She wanted to let me know that since our visit they have revised and established new leadership, making a point to tell me that a female was the head of the new approach which is more geared towards taking each case on an individual basis as each situation is unique. I was glad to hear a female is heading this, believing only a woman can relate to a mom and infant on a heart level when it comes to empathizing with a new baby and mother.  Nancy proceeded to say that my letter was difficult for them to read and they found it hard to imagine our feelings as we were going through it. She expressed their sincere condolences. Her hope is to make sure we obtain our goal, which is to have something positive come from something so negative and to make sure no one ever experiences anything like what we did. She stated that many families come to their hospital and although many experiences go very well, they need to take every experience, like ours that went very wrong, and learn from it. Nancy invited us to come to Crouse to meet with their new team so that they could honor us by taking our experience and doing with it exactly what we want. It is important to them to "show us what they've learned, done, and will do as well as share with us their team member's hearts." I told her that I would talk to Drew about it but that we would most likely be willing to go in that direction. She was aware that we would still harbor a lot of emotions and encouraged me to share this any other changes that we thought could improve future visits for other families. I am relieved to have been met with such a sincere apology and interest, and I anxiously look forward to the next step. Nancy plans on contacting me early next week to set up the next step. I will keep you posted....

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  1. That's amazing!!!! So, so happy they took your letter sincerely and are moving towards positive, family focuses change. That's amazing Maggie, so so happy!!!