Friday, September 20, 2013

Spontaneouos Ella conversations

Yesterday morning we were doing school and our lesson of the day was on ladybugs and how they do things differently than humans. They do not have noses, they smell with their feet. And they taste with their two antennae instead of their mouths.  The message was about how people do things differently too and it's ok. Ivy raises her hand (not necessary) and says "Mom, like Ella!" I said "yes Ella was different but it was ok, we still loved her just the same." And Ivy said "and she only had one nose right mom? She had one nose hole and one nose and mouth hole, and we have two nose holes and one mouth hole, so she was different, but it's ok right mom?" "Yes Ivy it's ok, she just had to do things differently." The conversation then went on with questions about why Ella had "the white thing" on her face, which was the feeding tube she came home with. Then we got out our Ella book and asked/answered questions for a while. They are usually the same questions over and over but I don't mind. I love to embrace these little spontaneous Ella conversations to distract me from this world and remind me that we are all part of something much bigger. And that is the greatest lesson of all.

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