Monday, November 25, 2013

Two Years and the Scent of Heaven

It has been two years since you have come and gone
But the legacy of your life will forever carry on
You taught me so much through joy, trials and tears
With you as our torch, you have burned all of my fears
Without you I do not know who I would be today
But I am pleased to know that there is no other way
You have shown me a side of God I never knew before
And have left me mesmerized, thirsting for more
To this world you were the least, but to us your offering was grand
We had no choice but to submerge in your depth to understand
You brought a peace upon us that was delicate and pure
With all that you have given this world, your heavenly crowns are many, I am sure
I patiently await to be reunited and in the presence of your glory again
I am honored to have been able to carry you and to have named you, Ella Quinn

It has been two years ago today that Ella left our arms. I can hardly believe it's true. I remember the way she smelled so vividly, like all newborns, she smelled like Heaven. But her scent was so strong, and in the hours after she passed I just kept smelled her head, wanting to take her all in. This was one of the reason we so quickly had to remove all of her things out of our home that day, I just couldn't stand to smell her anymore, it hurt so much. I thought to myself "if I ever smell that distinct smell of Ella again I will probably vomit with emotion." When Alida was born, thankfully her baby smell was different. I always attributed Ella's strong scent to her hair, figuring it held it within it's strands. Then yesterday I was reading a book on birth stories and one of the women in the book talked about how she always believed that the baby scent was actually from the Angels surrounding them while they transitioned into this world. I couldn't help but smile. I had never heard that before, and will choose to believe this to be true. Ella's scent was so strong, there had to have been a host of angels chaperoning her during her three weeks with us! This is just another great way to think of, and remember her.



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