Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First response from Crouse!!!

At 2:55 today my phone rang and it was Crouse!! The woman on the other end introduced herself and said she was from Crouse and she just received my letter. My heart skipped a beat. In a voice full of compassion she went on to say that she felt the need to personally call me and apologize for everything that we went through there. She wanted to reassure me that they WILL be following up with me to take further actions and stated that a letter has been mailed to me about where to go from here. She gave me her number and said if I needed to contact her at any time before then to feel free to do so and they want to make sure that no one in the future ever has an experience like ours. (which is all I really hoped for) 

I am  very excited for a timely response and nervous as well. I know that in talking/meeting with them I will juggle a range of emotions. In being a voice for my sweet Ella and others who are labeled "incompatible with life" I feel a big responsibility to handle the situation in a way that will bring the desired results we are hoping for.

The Lord my God will go before me and fight for me! I know He is going ahead of me and preparing the way and the hearts of these people to change.....The victory is ours when the battle is the Lords!

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