Sunday, November 23, 2014

3 Years and a Music Video

Today marks 3 years since we said goodbye to our Ella. We can hardly believe it! So much has happened, so many wonderful people have come into our lives, so many lives have been changed by her story. Since I last posted Ella had a cousin named after her, my sister had a daughter and named her Ellie. She has brought our girls so much joy. Ella will also be a big sister for the second time in a few months, we praise God for where we are today. We have been sewing diapers, fragile baby wraps and burial gowns for stillborn babies right along. A couple months ago we had a new member join our sewing team named Ashley and at our last session she mentioned how she takes home videos and pictures and puts them to song. I went home and thought I should have her do one for us of Ella. Turns out it came just in time for the 3rd anniversary of her parting this world. We have been watching the video repeatedly in the last couple days, Ivy says she needs to watch it 10 times a day, Alida points and says Ellie? and Nadia cries when it's on. I told Nadia that it's ok to cry and be sad and that Ella was a gift to us and because of her we have a lot of gifts. I said we wouldn't have Alida if it wasn't for Ella, our baby cousin wouldn't have been named Ellie and we probably wouldn't be having a new baby in a couple months, at the time we were set on Ella being our last. Little did we know our lives and hearts were about to be turned upside down!

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