Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aunt Ana's Wedding

The first wedding we celebrated this year was my sister Ana, who is one year and six days younger than myself. We grew up being treated like twins. Our birthdays were in the same week so we always had a shared birthday party and always got the same gifts for every holiday, mom always said it was so we wouldn't fight. Having two girls seventeen months apart I now understand what that meant. My sister and I were not very close growing up, we actually had little to nothing in common. I would say that the birth of my first daughter Nadia was an event that really brought us closer together. The girls have made a strong bond between us over the years. 
For Aunt Ana's wedding she decided that instead of party favors she was going to donate to SmileTrain, an organization that has been laid on our hearts since we first met sweet Ella. She asked Drew to make a frame to display this announcement at her wedding. We found an abandoned house and he used a window frame to make the sign, it turned out beautiful.
The girls' Papa set up page in honor of  Ella on the SmileTrain website and some of our donations have been on there, and our MOPS group alone raised enough money last year to repair one complete smile and then some! My favorite thing about this organization is they send you a picture with the child's name and age and location with before and after pictures of their smiles, it is such a beautiful thing!

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