Monday, July 23, 2012

Wedding in Heaven

Saturday night Drew's brother planned a camping/bachelor party in the Adirondacks for Drew and their father, cousin, and step brother attended. They all had a great time. Meanwhile the girls and I spent the day with Gram and stayed overnight at Aunt Ana's.Yesterday we met some friends at Hope Lake and went for a long nature walk followed by picnic lunch and swimming. After so much fun Ivy fell asleep for a MUCH needed 3 hour nap. Last night her and I were up late working on wedding decorations and I gave her a paint brush and some paint to play with while I worked on a banner. We were talking about the wedding and I was telling her how I was excited to have the same last name as my children and daddy was going to wear a ring and how other than that nothing was going to change. I said our family and friends were going to spend the day with us in our honor. She put down her paintbrush, got wide eyes and said "Mom I got a great idea! We can have the wedding at Heaven so Baby Ella can be there!" I started to tear up as I said that was a great idea but that Ella would be with us, just in a different way. "OK" she said and continued to paint.

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