Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our Wedding

On July 28th Drew and I had our wedding ceremony. The girls were really excited to be in another wedding and wear pretty dresses. Their Grandma Von made my dress and the girls dresses, and they were just lovely. I carried a picture of Ella on my bouquet, an idea I found on Pinterest. The girls' Papa made a stained glass picture of Ella that we set up right next to the arbor we got married under.  I also made a frame in honor of Ella from an old piece of siding off of my parents house. The burlap on the frame was from my sister's wedding and the lace and buttons from wonderful Aunt Pam who was the most crafty person I have ever met. She passed away last December, right after Ella. Drew made the cross that is on the bottom corner. On the frame I included a letter to Ella thanking her for teaching us so much. It read like this:

Dear Ella,
Thank you for opening our eyes and hearts to a capacity to love that we never knew before. You have forever changed the world.
You have taught our family so many things, especially the eternal purpose of your existence. Boys and girls around the world are smiling because of you.
Our greatest blessing was having you and realizing the strengths we now possess after knowing the most peaceful spirit we have ever encountered. Our family will forever be stronger! Thank you so much!
Love Daddy, Momma, Nadia and Ivy

We set up an area with Ella's collage along with a book that my sister made that has all of the pictures of Ella ever taken in it and the stained glass. We knew that a lot of family and friends never got to meet her so we wanted to share a little bit of her with everyone. Planning and preparing for the wedding was fun, but now we are happy to be onto the next phase of our lives which is preparing for our next baby! Just a couple weeks away now and it could not come soon enough!

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