Monday, January 23, 2012


This morning I started filling in the last of the information for Ella's baby book. For all of my girls I have stayed on top of their baby books and keeping track of milestones. I started Ella's book a few months before she was born, leaving off on the details of her birth. Today I picked up where I had left off. As I came upon the page where I had to include a copy of her birth certificate I remembered the day it came in the mail. The same day, ironically, we got her death certificate as well. Strange how that worked out. In Ella's book, unlike the other girl's, I am able to note very specific details of the events in her life as they are engraved on my heart forever. Although only the first few pages of her baby book are ever going to be filled out, I am overjoyed to know that unlike Nadia's and Ivy's pages full of memories and pictures, all of Ella's memories will be in the arms of Jesus.

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