Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving thanks this Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving, it is one of my favorite holidays. I love the time with family, prepping food together, the smell of a warm, aroma filled house, squeezing family members on couches while we wait for and rest after meal time. Last Thanksgiving was the last full day we got to spend with our Ella. We had my family over, she slept all day, we could barely wake her up. Drew and I both felt something was not quite right. We sent the older girls home with my parents and we spent all night up with her, watching her fade in and out of this world. That was the only time that she and I spent in our bedroom, we had been sleeping on the couch. I really hold that night close to my heart, my sweet Ella sleeping between her father and I as we talked to her and loved on her. The next day the girls returned home and Drew set up the futon mattress on the living room floor and we all slept in the same room the night she passed. Everyone says the holidays are the hardest and since Thanksgiving was the only holiday she shared here with us I am interested to see how I will hold up. Above all I will "rejoice always, pray without ceasing and in everything give thanks."

I am thankful that she got to spend her last full day with family on Thanksgiving
I am thankful she spent her last night with mommy and daddy's undivided attention
I am thankful she was so content
I am thankful she never showed any sign of pain
I am thankful that the night she left us we were all in the same room together
I am thankful my eyes are now opened wider than I could have ever imagined
I am thankful my children have a connection to heaven that most don't at a young age
I am thankful my heart was broken to be able to know my precious Ella
I am thankful that I will never take one second with my girls for granted
I am thankful my children have the best father any little girl could ever ask for
I am thankful they have an amazing aunt who was with us from Ella's hello to goodbye
I am thankful to know the peace that passes understanding
I am thankful I will be reunited with my child once again and long for that day
I am thankful I know what love is......thank you Jesus!

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