Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ivy's famous video

An oldie but goodie. Wasn't able to post it until now.

 To this day Ivy talks about Ella at least once every hour, at least. We enjoy listening to her little explanations and ramblings about where Ella is, when she will see her again, and how much she loves and misses her. We still have the blanket that Ella spent most of her life in in our living room, and Ivy uses it everyday for one reason or another. Ella's "gramma bon" made it for her. She came home from the hospital in it, Amanda took pictures of her wrapped in it, and today it is used for forts for the kittens and for barbies and for laying outside under the trampoline. Ella literally lived in that blanket and the morning after she passed we were clearing all baby stuff out and I just couldn't put it away. I knew that if I ever hid it, when I saw it again it would stir up a lot of emotions. So I kept it out, as hard as it was. It gets a lot of use that's for sure. Ivy is our little performer and she likes to sing songs about Ella. Usually these songs are sung on long car rides, but sometimes they are sung around the house, in the tub, at the dinner table, when she is strumming on her guitar, when she is dancing on her table, while playing outside, anytime Ella is on her mind. It is very clear that Ella is on her mind very often. A couple of months ago I was able to catch one of her songs on video. I translated it so everyone could understand what she was singing, enjoy. 

Translation: Baby Ella, because me miss her, God said me don't but me still miss her, but me miss her because God my best friend and baby Ella my best friend and mommy and Nadia my best friend because we a happy family because me love my family because me love my family because me so miss her......but me miss you baby hospital but me miss her because God loves me so but me love God and baby Ella and mommy and daddy and Nadia, but me love Nadia and mommy and baby Lily, baby Lily? baby Lily....but me miss baby Ella but me want another baby Ella in mommy's tummy but me miss her. Mommy why me keep singing that? me need to hammer own.....

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