Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nadia's dream

This morning the girls woke up before Drew and I and I overheard this conversation-

Nadia: "Ivy guess what, I had a dream last night, do you want me to tell you about it?"
Ivy (still half asleep): "yeah"
Nadia: "I had a dream about baby Ella, mommy and daddy were holding her and they were crying and then Aunt Ana came, but Cory didn't come because he didn't want to cry, and then we were all crying and Ana was holding her and we were all holding her and then someone came and took her away and everyone was still crying because they all missed her, but guess what Iv!"
Ivy: "What?"
Nadia: " I don't miss baby Ella anymore now Ivy!"
Ivy: "Really?" 
Nadia: "No wanna know why?"
Ivy: "yeah"
Nadia: "Because I am not afraid of heaven anymore, I want to go there now. So I don't have to miss baby Ella or be sad cause I want to go to heaven now!"
Ivy: " OK Nady, let's bring Baby and Dina and their baby kitties too OK Nady?" (our cats who are both about to have kittens)
Nadia: "OK Ivy, we can bring all of our stuff there..."

I was pretending to be sleeping, but I couldn't hold back the smiles. Nadia has come along way, only now she has a list of things she is planning on bringing to heaven, so we still have a ways to go.

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