Friday, April 19, 2013

Family Portraits

With March and Trisomy Awareness month behind us, it was time for me to update my facebook cover photo. I tried to put a picture of myself with my girls but it kept cutting someone's head out. So I put in an even better picture, one that includes all of us, even Ella and my sister Ana. Nadia is constantly drawing family portraits and lately she has been fascinated with everyone's ages so she puts how old we are above our heads. And in case anyone was wondering, Ella is 100. 

I remember a couple weeks after Ella passed, we were getting ready to head out to go and get our family pictures done for Christmas cards. Drew had been unusually irritable but during this time we all learned to leave each other alone to work through our loss in our own ways.  I let him be. When he was dragging his feet to get out the door I asked him if everything was ok, knowing that family portraits was not his idea of a good time. He started to tear up as he told me "nothing sucked more than to go and get family photos done when the whole family can't be in the picture." We both started to cry but managed to pull ourselves together before we arrived at Amanda's house, the same Amanda who we met just weeks before when she took pictures of Ella. The session went great, and the Amanda took awesome pictures, of course. But it was hard.

Although we may not be able to get all of our family captured in a photograph, while we wait to be reunited we will enjoy our family portraits drawn with crayons and markers. 

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